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Nowadays, more and more functionalities are migrated into the software, making the embedded software an integral part of the product. Therefore, embedded software has to meet strict requirements related to quality and reliability.

MXT is constantly investing time and effort in building up knowledge of new technologies. This is achieved by performing technology research projects, internally or as partners with the academical environment.

One of our core competences is embedded software, having experience in developing it for different industries at high quality levels. We can develop: Bootloaders, Board Support Packages, Operating Systems, Drivers for different platforms like Android, Embedded Linux, OSEK/MICROSAR or any other commercial or open source Operating Systems. On top of that, we can develop also the necessary application software.

Since we are focused on quality, working with development processes is a rule for us. In this perspective we are using versioning, reviewing, code analyzing tools and automatic system testing.

Developing embedded software for automotive industry is one of our USP. We have experience in:

  • Architectures: AUTOSAR or customer related
  • OS: OSEK, MICROSAR, Embedded Linux
  • Functional safety: ISO 26262
  • Diagnosis: ISI 14229, ISO 15765
  • Communication Protocols: PCIe, Aurora, CAN, LIN, SPI, etc.
  • Model Based Development
  • Versioning: PTC, SVN, GIT

Embedded Software Testing is also an important competence of MXT. We have in-depth knowledge in different testing techniques, either black box or white box, manual, semi-automated or automated. We support you in increasing the quality of your products by optimizing the existing testing process by automation or implementing testing environments (MiL, SiL, HiL).