INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION2018-06-20T14:06:34+00:00

The curent technology trends use control systems and information technology in order to manage different processes and machineries. The main purposes are to increase the productivity and to reduce the associated costs. Some of the advantages in using industrial automation are:

  •  low operating cost
  •  high productivity
  •  high quality
  •  high flexibility
  •  high information accuracy
  •  high safety

Even if you have an old machine needed to be retechnologized or you intend to build a new one, we can help you with our know-how on:

  •  SCADA based of different PLCs (Siemens, Wago, etc.)
  •  Programing of PLC using Tia Portal or Codesys
  •  HMI configuration and modelling
  •  Designing and implementation of electrical panels for automations